illia is a one-stop destination for handmade jewellery, created by women for women.Founded by Elsa Pages in 2020, after working with a number of prestigious brands in the world of fashion accessories, her passion for craftsmanship and jewellery led her to create illia. Based on a desire to present unique brands using different crafts and noble materials such as gold, silver, semi-precious stones, silk, and leather.

 At illia, we never forget the craftmanship and skill involved in the making of a piece of jewellery. illia strives to highlight the traditional values in jewellery making and the optimum quality of the materials as an integral part of our values. This genuine attachment to carefully created, evocative products is testimony of our commitment and focus.

Founded By Women

Rich from her experiences traveling between Asia and Europe and witnessing the wide variety of talents and styles in each country, Elsa was driven by the desire to create an intimate platform where each brand can tell its own story.

Having traveling a lot between Asia and Europe and witnessed the variety of talents and styles, Elsa was struck with the idea of creating an intimate platform where all the brands have their stories told. 

illia is a haven for women to express their true selves, to display their unique style. We offer women the confidence they deserve, those who seek perfection and uniqueness in one place.We celebrate every one of them!

Founder For Women

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